The Maximum Security Vault

What happens in XSealed, stays in XSealed


The most secure data safe on the market today

XSealed prevents anyone attempting to hack your device by using the latest security techniques and a unique security system, allowing you to store your pictures, videos, and private documents securely.

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Inbuilt Private Browsericon

XSealed also includes an integrated secure private browser to ensure your history, stays secret. Quick exit never leaves anything running even after you’ve closed the app.

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Password Manager
with auto logon to
private browsericon

Auto logon to private browser sites via the vault password manager.

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Store private pictures
and videosicon

No worries that anyone will ever see them except you.

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Create your own locksicon

XSealed uses the same encrytion methods as GCHQ, which means your private details are stored securely. Our tripple lock vaults have never been hacked, and will never be affected by iCloud leaks.

Even if your iPhone is accessed, no-one will be able to get access to your uploads.

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FeaturesXSealedRoboformDashlane1PasswordKeeperKeepsafeSecret Photo Album-SASafe LockSecret Photos Vault Lock Photos
Customisable Data Vault - Images - Videos, Documents - Attachments - Card Wallet - Notes - Contacts
Password Manager Including Password Generator
Private Browser
Password Auto Fill To Private Browser
Encryption Thoughout
Unlimited Folder Creation
Unlimited Storage Capacity
Choose & Use Up To 3 Vault Locks
Encypted Import / Export
Dropbox Support
Home Icon Disguising
Auto Backup & Auto Restore
Quick Vault Wipe
30 Day Free Unlimited Trial Period
Earlybird Discount
One Time Payment Option
Cost Per Month$0.99 $1.99$2.49$2.99$2.91$4.99$3.49$1.99$1.99

Keep your personal files a secret